#9 Curtis Pace - Is College Worth It?


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Curtis Pace is the Co-Founder (or the brains) of Ydraw. Born and raised in Coalville, Utah, he loves big trucks, working on the farm, and spending time with his family. At heart he is also an entrepreneur, enjoys hard work, and loves to see it pay off with happy customers. Some of his tasks include editing, drawing, production, layouts, customer service, and overseeing the animation process. Curtis’ greatest quality is his attention to detail, he does not release any video if its not close to perfect. Curtis is always willing to help, and he loves producing fun, fantastic videos. It is his passion!

Ydraw is an amazing company made up of a team of brilliant people. In 1998, Curtis and his partner set out to become billionaires. They failed, and instead came together in 2011 to create an awesome company called Ydraw. The company began with luck, a lot of trips to Best Buy, and they may have had to borrow some editing programs from the internet. But, no worries they are now fully compliant.

Curtis loves the quote, “When you have a why the how really doesn’t matter.” His why is to inspire and his passion is video. Instead of you having sit there and read a boring paragraph of how great his company is and how its the number #1 animation video company, (yes they are great and yes they are #1), he thinks it would be better for all of his team to focus on the companies he working for. At Ydraw, they take care of this for you. they love to create videos that will move people to take action. Their clients are gold to Curtis and he will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. They simplify the complicated, help old ladies cross the road, and inspire children to become great moms and dads.


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