Best of 2020 Awards: Part 1


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2020 is finally, mercifully over. That's great news for a lot of reasons, including it means it's time for PTW's second annual end-of-year awards! This year, due to 2020 being 2020 we were unable to hang out and discuss each category in person. Instead, we rotated in three guests over two super-sized episodes. Join us this week as friend of the show and former PTW co-host Mike "The Wolverine" Pursell talks Badass Rasslin' Moment of the Year and Breakout Year. Next, "Lionheart" Trever Smith talks Best Gimmick.

Next week comes part 2 of our awards, where Trever stays on to talk Worst Gimmick and Misstep of the Year, and finally, Mr. Brendan Lee (RIP Brodie) will close it out with Feud of the Year, Most Shocking Moment and Match of the Year.

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