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Meeting management is the process of organizing a meeting and facilitating it in such a way that desired results are achieved. While this sounds like common knowledge, the reality is that many meetings can still feel like a waste of time, with no clear purpose or sense of direction.
In this episode of the Public Health Insight Podcast, we discuss what to do before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting to ensure you get the most of the experience. More specifically, we cover:

◼️ How to you know if you need a meeting in the first place;

◼️Best practices for creating an agenda, setting meeting goals, and assigning specific roles;

◼️Importance of effective meeting facilitation; and

◼️ Disseminating minutes and fostering accountability through following up on action items

Podcast Host

◼️ Gordon Thane, BMSc, MPH, PMP®

◼️ Leshawn Benedict, MPH, MSc, PMP®
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