Employee Wellness An Essential Component To Improved Morale and Optimal Performance


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On this week's podcast we have Dr. Felice Carlton who is a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, and Possibility Strategist, also known as “Dr. Possibility.” This award-winning transformation specialist is known for creating sustainable health changes and helping clients to achieve significant weight loss, decreased blood sugars, cholesterol levels, and blood pressures without the use of additional medications. Listen in as she discusses how to boost morale among your employees. Importance of Employee Wellness If you look from a financial standpoint organizations spend a lot of money on decreased productivity. The United States itself spends about $300 billion every year on lost productivity, absenteeism, which means someone is physically present at work, but they're not able to function at their full capacity due to mental distractions, depression, staff turnover, medical, legal, insurance, reimbursement prices, may all be a result of just stress. Employee wellness reaches into every area of your organization/entity so should be an important thing as a company to acknowledge. Stress being one of the main root causes of diabetes, high blood or cholesterol, headaches/migraines, and digestive issues it can create a wide variety of health issues in all ages and demographics. Signs of Stress Low energy Emotionally unstable - sad then immediately frustrated/upset Anxious GI/Digestive Issues Weight Gain Heart Disease Absences As an organization it is important to create a culture of understanding where your staff and employees can let you know they are under stress, the workload is too much and/or something as simple as instilling the importance of taking real breaks whether its a lunch break (and not working from their mobile device) or two 15 min breaks to focus shift so there is overall more productivity.

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