Navigating Class Action Lawsuits


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Navigating Class Action Lawsuits From a legal standpoint, it's valuable to understand what qualifies a class action lawsuit from traditional lawsuits. Class action lawsuits have a lot of requirements, procedural requirements, a small number of suits actually become real class action suits. For your organization, the difference in cost of a traditional lawsuit to a class action lawsuit can be thousands to a hundred thousand dollars, and the difference in preparation requires another extensive layer to coordinate your defense. It is important to understand the three tiers of lawsuits, and more importantly how to handle a class action claims. The primary action is to focus on the class certification and to determine whether that's able to be upheld to the requirements or if it will be easy to defeat because that can make the greatest difference in the case. Four Requirements to Qualify as a Class Action Lawsuit Numerosity Typicality Adequacy Commonality

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