New Face Of Case Management In Workers’ Compensation


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Josephine Copeland, VP of Managed Care Services at PMA Companies, describes how Case Management has changed its model and how it impacts public entities, as well as how to ensure your taking full advantage of the new resources available. The new face of case management incorporates technology to provide a holistic approach to the person; subsequently encouraging more proactive, resolution driven claims process and proving to be more effective for all parties. In this episode you’ll learn: why case management plays such a pivotal role in workers' compensation claims, how technology enables earliest intervention, and the risks of delayed or interrupted claims, how the new model impact public entities, and the examples of early intervention benefits. Josephine even expands how to glean pertinent information about the new model of case management. Where to put your focus as a risk manager and how to ask the best questions in order to make sure your claims are being managed in the best possible way.

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