Workers’ Compensation Technology Advancements


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Workers’ Compensation Technology Advancements This week we’re joined by William Zachry, he explains how technological advancements are impacting workers’ compensation and risk management. Appointed as a senior fellow of the Sedgwick Institute in 2017, he’s widely known throughout the risk management industry for his achievements within workers’ compensation reform. Additionally, William serves on the board of the state compensation insurance fund - California’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance. The different areas that he covers are: Artificial Intelligence CRISPR; a new technology for splicing genes Autonomous Vehicles, and Medical Technology New Software and Applications Each of these medical and technological advancements hold significant promise in the next ten to fifteen years. Already bringing significant benefits and improvements upon workers compensation and risk management, such as reducing litigation costs, and identifying employers that need additional education or movement feedback to minimize injury. Along with their positive advancements, they also present sizable questions and problems such as misuse, the boundaries of ethics, and the use of data collection and privacy.

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