ASPA S1 E7 with Gregory Harrison-City Manager, Pompano Beach Florida


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Welcome to our latest installment of PUBLIC SECTOR WORKS!, premiere podcast of American Society of Public Administration South Florida Chapter. Special Guest is Mr. Gregory Harrison, City Manager of Pompano Beach, Florida, speaking to Best Practices in Public Administration with special viewpoint to how his staff negotiated the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. Such exemplary service has just earned him an ASPA Best Practices Award for this year. With regular host Tom Hotz, MPA and Phd/HR Candidate, Board Member of ASPA S Florida, and Adjunct Prof, Business Communications at Stephen F Austin University Online. Co-hosts: Bill Solomon, MPA-JD and Adjunct with three major Universities in Florida; and Ben N. Paley, 3L Student at Nova SE University Law School, and Executive Editor of their Law Journal.

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