Episode 50: The New Performance Curve for Tier IV: Package Curves


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RJ Gates of Franklin Electric joins the podcast to talk about how users can bring clarity to Tier IV engines with package curves. Franklin Electric is the sponsor of this podcast. Visit them on the web at www.pioneerpump.com. Questions being answered include: What is a pump curve and how is it used? How are Final Tier IV-compliant engines more complex than their predecessors? What is the traditional way to size a diesel engine for a pump? What are package curves? How do package curves illustrate pump performance? What are the benefits of package curves? How can end users achieve a lower cost of ownership with package curves? Listen to all episodes of the Pumps & Systems podcast on various podcast platforms such as Apple, Google, Spotify and more, or by visiting www.pumpsandsystems.com/podcasts. Email host Drew Champlin at dchamplin@cahabamedia.com.

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