S3 Collaboration 01 with Gabbi Buckley


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S3 Collaboration 01 with Gabbi Buckley One of the awesome things we would see in punk is at shows when musicians from different bands would join forces on stage or when one of your favorite punk singers would lend their growl to some gang vocals on another band's record. We wanted to create that same thing here at PRC. On this punk rock collaboration, Josh brings on his wife and previous guest collaborator, Gabbi, to talk about how we get beyond putting a bags of chips in mail boxes and help teachers see that we appreciate what they do and how getting involved in our community can help school leaders share the story of their school and the educators dedicated to the students in it. Gabbi is in her third year serving as principal at Dobson High School in Mesa, AZ. Before that she was an assistant principal, team leader, and English teacher. The Buckley family dog, James Tiberius Vanderbeef (AKA Jimmy Beef), makes an appearance as well but he doesn’t have much of anything stimulating to add to the conversation. So get a bag of baby carrots for your dog so they will be quiet while you listen and let’s get to it because this episode is all that and a bag of chips. Intro/Outro Music - "Sidekick" by Rancid Find Gabbi at: www.twitter.com/principal_gabbi www.instagram.com/gabbibuckley Find us at: www.punkrockclassrooms.com www.teachbetter.com/podcasts/punk-rock-classrooms/ Twitter www.twitter.com/punkclassrooms www.twitter.com/MikeREarnshaw www.twitter.com/JoshRBuckley Instagram www.instagram.com/punkclassrooms www.instagram.com/mikerearnshaw www.instagram.com/joshrbuckley Check out our PRC Playlist here for all of the rad tunes we use: bit.ly/PRCPlaylist

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