S3 Episode 04 - First Quarter Check-in


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Season 3 Episode 04 – First Quarter Check-In Josh and Mike are wrapping up their first quarter of the 20-21 school year and they wanted to take a moment to share where they are at. They each discuss something they see as a success so far this school year, something they are struggling with, and something they want to work on for the next 9 weeks on their campuses. The break we see in the quarter just before parent teacher conferences or before we start the next marking period, is a great time to take stock of how the school year started. We hope you’ll join us and do the same. So press play and let’s check-in. Intro Music - "The Reach" by One Step Closer Outro Music - "40 Hour Work Week” by Near Dark Find us at: www.punkrockclassrooms.com www.teachbetter.com/podcasts/punk-rock-classrooms/ Twitter www.twitter.com/punkclassrooms www.twitter.com/MikeREarnshaw www.twitter.com/JoshRBuckley Instagram www.instagram.com/punkclassrooms www.instagram.com/mikerearnshaw www.instagram.com/joshrbuckley Check out our PRC Playlist here for all of the rad tunes we use: bit.ly/PRCPlaylist

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