156 Secrets for Speed -Your Essentials for Training to Go Fast in Triathlon


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There is a common thread that unites all Purple Patch athletes, and likely, all athletes in general - the desire to IMPROVE.

Whether winning a world championship or optimizing energy throughout the day, we, as humans, embrace and enjoy the journey more when we improve and when we see progression.

So, if you want to improve and go faster, you need to train faster, right??

Well, yes, sometimes. But, the greatest catalyst of performance improvement flows from a higher load strength-based training approach.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of goals, this episode delivers a path to enhance your physical improvements with three distinct elements:

  • High-torque and low-cadence cycling

  • Hill-based running in your training

  • Strength and conditioning to optimize returns from your endurance intervals

Embrace the lessons and tips from today and, not only will you get stronger, but you will get faster.

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