Ep238 - Ferrari Trento Taste Test


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We finally pop the cork and give you, the listeners, our Ferrari Trento taste test, the new official sparkling wine of the podium in F1. We also dive into plenty of F1 news! Kimi Raikkonen's son Robin has been talking smack to him ever since Kimi accidentally drove into the back of his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi at the Portuguese Grand Prix. Electronic Arts announced a new story mode for the official F1 video game which we are sure will include all kinds of new micro transactions. Toto Wolff continues to throw shade at Red Bull and their engine development efforts as he says hiring 15 Mercedes employees won't put a dent into the work it takes to develop an engine. Last but not least, wing gate is back! If you've been an F1 fan since 2009, you will remember the days of other teams complaining about Red Bull's flexy wings when Sebastian Vettel was dominating everyone. Well those days are back as Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have lobbed some verbal attacks at Red Bull to encourage the FIA to take a closer look at Red Bull's incredibly flexible rear wing this season. Could the bulls be in trouble?? We also open the Mail Box Box Box and get into the latest listener feedback and banter! Tune in for another entertaining episode of Purple Sector!

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