Behind the Scenes of a Book: Chatting Imposter Syndrome, Roadblocks and Everything In Between


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Do you have big dreams? Big goals? And it feels like there is no way it's going to happen? Life will happen. We are busy moms and know that life will happen. So how can we even THINK about taking on a huge project?! Like writing a book …

In today’s episode, Cara shares her journey through this amazingly huge goal of writing a book and the roadblocks she’s had to go through. From the death of a loved one to job loss, to inner demons and spiritual warfare. If you have a dream of a large goal, an impossible goal … but your gut is screaming “YES!” — listen to today's episode and be inspired by your first step in the direction of goal crushing. Imperfectly of course 😉 FREE GOAL SETTING SERIES: A PURPOSE DRIVEN MOM SHOW NOTES:

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