How to Get Started with Decluttering & Organizing Your Kids Toys with Jenna Arvidson


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Today we are talking about toy clutter. As we are gearing back into school and getting super busy, it’s probably a great time to purge, get rid of some stuff, and make your home feel really good. Jenna is our guest today and gives us some really great practical tips that I never thought of for toy clutter before. From how you can manage toy clutter to how you can have conversations with your kids about the toy clutter. As well as (a big one) how do you stop bringing toy clutter into the home? Toy clutter can be overwhelming … and for some reason, toy clutter just seems to happen! -When you keep buying stuff -When you keep accepting free stuff from other people -When you have your baby and lose all your good intentions of making sure that the toy clutter stays under control -And when, at the moment, it feels so good to buy that toy for our kids but a week later the toy is broken or lost

So listen in on today's episode to be inspired to clean out the toy clutter and be intentional with toys.


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