How to Get Your Family On Board with Your Goals


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Have you ever made a really big and exciting goal, sat your family down to let them know the plan, and **Gasp** they don't care as much as you do? It happens a lot when we get excited about things. We want everyone to get on board with our plan and get angry with them when it's not their top priority too. Or we make some big sweeping statements about how everything is going to change and they roll their eyes because they know it's another thing you might not stick with. It stinks to not have your family on board BUT it doesn't have to happen for you! It's possible to be excited about your goals and get your family on board with (almost) as much excitement! Want to get them on board - here are some tips! - Create your vision first - Make a routine or habit stacked plan - Get their feedback - Make it fun! Today on the podcast, I'm deep-diving into these tips and how you can get everyone on board - with less fights! FREE GOAL SETTING SERIES: A PURPOSE DRIVEN MOM SHOW NOTES:

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