3.5 Factors You Didn’t Know are Affecting Your Productivity


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Show Summary: “Productivity is 50% systems and 50% mindset.”

In this episode, we talk about the commonly downplayed facets in our life that affect how we work and show up. These factors have nothing to do with our work or business but can significantly impact our productivity.

First is our environment, our workspace. Pause for a bit and take a look around your work area. Is it a space that’s conducive for working? Are there no distractions? Are your chair and table comfortable for long hours of work? A sub-factor related to the physical environment is the consistency of where you work. Pick one spot at home or in the office as your designated workspace and be consistent with it, so your brain is conditioned to associate that spot with work and focus.

The second element to consider is our interpersonal relationships. If you have bad relationships at home or in the office, it’s hard to maintain your focus. Conversely, saying yes to everything asked of you is also not good. Setting boundaries is key to staying productive.

Lastly, we tackle our emotions, feelings, or mental state as the last factor affecting our efficiency. Bottling up strong emotions is not healthy. You need to take a break to process these feelings. The clearer your head is, the more focused you become.

I hope this episode helps you reflect on the small but powerful steps you can take to improve your focus and productivity. Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with me! And if you’re enjoying today’s session, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!

Show Highlights:

What are the physical distractions to consider when finding a good workspace?

  • When working from home, the common external distractions are household members who are either noisy or are constantly disturbing you. These members may even include your fur babies who demand attention from you.

  • Apart from household members, clutter on your desk can also affect your focus. If you find it hard to concentrate while working because of the mess on your table, then you need to start de-cluttering and clearing the space.

How do I process my negative emotions while staying productive at the same time?

  • It’s okay to feel these emotions. You need to heal from these emotions. Your productivity and feelings do not have to be at odds with each other. Give yourself some time to rest and dwell on your sadness, frustration, disappointment, or whatever it is that you’re feeling. The time can be from as short as 20 minutes to as long as half a day. But don’t let these feelings take over you. When you’ve released the negativity from your mind, start working again.

Why is it important to be consistent with where I work?

  • Our brain has been conditioned to associate certain areas at home or in the office with different kinds of activity. If you work while sitting on your bed, your brain will think it’s time for relaxation, and it will be hard for you to keep your focus. The same goes for working at the dining table or other areas at home or office that are not intended for working. Be consistent in working at the same desk every time. This routine signals to your brain that it’s work time and nothing else when you’re at your desk.

What simple changes can I make to improve my workspace?

  • Invest in an ergonomic chair, table, and computer equipment (keyboard, mouse, etc.). Whatever type of worker you are, it helps to have a physical space that you like working in. So go ahead and get that comfy gaming chair you’ve been wanting. They are not “kaartehan”. You’ll be surprised how these simple upgrades make your work life so much easier.

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