9 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Productively Without Feeling Guilty


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Show Summary: “Rewarding yourself helps you build healthier habits.”

Self-care helps improve happiness, inner peace, and it protects your mental, physical and emotional health. As much as I understand how optimal its benefits are, I can see how challenging it is for some to get started doing self-care activities such as rewarding themselves in different forms. And guilt is a dominant factor that prevents others from taking care of themselves.

Letting guilt stop you from prioritizing yourself can also have long-term bad effects. It can trigger negative feelings even more like stress, burnout, fatigue, etc. Moreover, it also stirs you from enjoying the fruits of your labor, which adds more pressure and dissatisfaction at work. But jumpstarting your self-care activities should not be difficult because it's supposed to make you feel lighter & healthier. That's why I listed nine simple ways you can practice to pave the way for self-prioritization and remove the guilt.

Self-care doesn't have to be big or expensive. Its main goal is to take care of you so you can do things more productively and happily. Always remember that you are worthy of your time, effort, and energy. So listen until the end to know how simple and doable these steps are.

Show Highlights:

4 of the 9 ways to take care of yourself without guilt

3:21 Celz

  • Small but useful purchases - Make it practical, so you don't trigger that guilty feeling of "I don't deserve this," or "I'm not worth this," or "I feel like it's a waste of money for me to be doing this."

5:50 Celz

  • Reward yourself with little luxuries for every milestone in a project - Set milestones. Milestones are the things that you need to do before you consider a project entirely successful. This makes it much more challenging for you to get things done.

9:43 Celz

  • Splurge and save method - After an achievement, you can splurge on something and save some of the splurging for the next achievement so you can enjoy and extend the benefits of the rewards.

12:00 Celz

  • Have a budget for self-care things - You're worth being taken care of. So to combat the guilt of self-care, you should have a budget for your personal needs. It might be a percentage. It might be a certain amount every month.

Find out what are the 5 remaining ways by listening until the end of the episode!

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