How To Avoid Burnout While Managing Multiple Things


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Show Summary: “You have to know your authentic why because it helps you do what you do best when you feel burnt out.”

No one likes to get burnt out. But it's not so easy to prevent it, especially if you are not aware of the signals. Sad to say, sometimes, having too much on your plate seems to be a normal thing in your daily life. You think that being bombarded and loaded with so many tasks is what you need to get your goal. So you continue to accept more without setting boundaries because you think it's OK.

However, IT IS NOT OK. IT IS NOT CUTE. Because these things give so many opportunities to let burnout get into your system without you knowing it because burnout happens all at once. Today you feel fine even though you've been overworking, but tomorrow you suddenly snap, and everything comes crashing down.

That's why in this episode, I discuss ways how you can maintain a healthy and peaceful mind while juggling multiple roles. I discuss why it's important to balance different life goals, how you can audit or do inventory for yourself and how you can set up systems to help you get great results minus the burnout.

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Show Highlights:

Why is it important to balance multiple goals we have in life?

Celz 3:13

  • If we can manage this, we help ourselves become healthier and do way more without being burned out and feeling stressed. It allows us to set boundaries, which maintains our “ganda” and freshness of the mind every after a working day.

Why should you make a time audit or inventory for yourself?

Celz 3:53

  • You have to know how much you already have on your plate and how much more you can take. So you can learn how to turn things around and be more proactive and take charge of the situation than being reactive and passive.

  • Some people think they are procrastinating. But the truth is, when we do the time audit, it's just that they have so many tasks to do, which is a prime candidate for burnout.

What is the Pareto Principle?

Celz 19:41

  • The Pareto Principle is the 80/20 rule that allows you to have 80% great results from the 20% of your activities.

  • Example: If you don't like washing the dishes for your baking business, you delegate that task to someone, so you can focus your time and effort on your business growth rather than letting yourself clean the dishes every time you bake.

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