Purposefully Knowing Yourself


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Show Summary: “Know yourself and be more productive.”

Do you know that one of the keys to achieving your goals is self-awareness?

It may not be easy but practicing it helps you better understand why certain things work for others and not for you.

It eliminates self-doubt every time you see others winning while you're still planting seeds, waiting for your turn to win.

It helps you find the TRUE YOU and the REAL HAPPINESS that only YOU can understand.

My friend, RJ Vargas, our guest in the 4th episode, once felt like she was a failure. Yes, she was earning a good amount of money, but she still felt stuck and lost. But instead of asking for the answer on a silver platter and sulking, she asked God to give her the means to get where she wanted to go. She made herself fully aware that having excessive pride could hinder her from getting through her struggles. So she asked for help from her mentors.

Asking for help is a tough decision to make for others because they're afraid to look weak. But admitting to yourself that you NEED help is a very courageous thing to do. It helps you grow exponentially and make decisions wisely.

Remember, you have a lot of unique things to offer. So humble yourself and always find strength in helping others and being helped.

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Show Highlights:

How did RJ know that she’s with the right mentors and did she find her way to productivity?


  • Instinct and intuition; She used these to know if she was with the right mentors who helped her make the right decisions. She also followed the ethos, pathos, and logos framework, which screened and filtered people that came into her life.

  • The standard productivity techniques don’t work for RJ since she doesn’t like fixed schedules. But I helped her identify how she can work optimally by integrating her current framework with daily operations.

As RJ’s productivity coach, how did you help in her specific situation?


  • Human First Productivity. I wanted her to achieve her goals without getting burned out. So instead of insisting on a specific framework for her, I identified how she operates, her likes and dislikes. I evaluated the strategies and let her use those that best fit her personality.

How do you know yourself better?


  • Try things out. Do something that makes sense to you. If you already have an idea of where you want to go, go for it. I'm giving you my permission to do that thing you want to do. So now, it's time you permit yourself to do it too.

  • We already know what we want to do. But the thing that holds us back is fear and not permitting ourselves to do it. So allow yourself to be challenged. Step out of your comfort zone and find out who you truly are and what you're meant to become.

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