What is Productivity to You?


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Show Summary: “The more you understand yourself, the more purposeful you become.”

What if I tell you that you can be productive without sacrificing your time and health so much? Imagine a world where everyone had the chance to live the life they wanted and carry out the purpose in their hearts. What are the things you would pursue once you have the headspace, energy, and time to do it?

In this episode, I invite you to go on this journey with me to explore what being purposeful means and how it works with productivity. Allow me to help you navigate this landscape to accomplish things without getting overwhelmed and burned out.

Understanding productivity means understanding ourselves first. Productivity is very personal. To find out what makes us productive, we must know what we like and don’t like, how we work, the kinds of people we attract and are attracted to. The better we know ourselves, the better the decisions we make. We become purposeful.

Throughout the show, we’ll not only talk about feelings, but we’ll be discussing the science, strategies, and systems behind purposeful productivity. We will embrace the idea that it’s okay to mess up sometimes. We’re only humans. Just because we mess up doesn’t mean we are lazy.

My takeaway question for you for this session is, “What is productivity to you?” I would love to hear your thoughts about how you define and measure your productivity. Please shoot me an email with your response at hello@celzalejandro.com. Don’t forget to share this episode with your family and friends who want to understand the true meaning of being productive.

Show Highlights:

Why did you become a productivity coach?


  • I became a coach on productivity because it’s my passion. I’ve experienced being on both ends of the spectrum. I used to be a lazy, procrastinating person who’s become a burden to other people. On the other hand, I have also had my moments of overworking myself to the point of burnout.


  • As a coach, I offer to the table the experiences I’ve had, the stories I’ve heard, and the strategies I’ve read about to help people reflect on these things.

What does productivity mean to you?


  • Productivity to me is being able to do what I set out to do when I want to do it. For example, I intended to do five tasks for today and was able to complete them at the end of the day, then that means I had a productive day.

  • However, if I planned a whole day of rest but suddenly worked on a few items, that’s not productive. It’s not about how much you do. What matters is that you do what you intend to do for that day.

What is your vision for productivity?


  • My vision is to reclaim productivity for what it’s meant to be - that is, being able to do what we aim to do without sacrificing the most important things to us: our time, health, and family.

  • I want to help you out so you can spend your time on what matters the most and what you value.

What can we expect from this show?


  • This podcast is going to be a no-judgment zone. This show will be your safe space to discuss issues or dilemmas you think only you are experiencing.

  • We’ll talk about increasing your productivity by tweaking your systems and maybe making adjustments to your habits and discipline. We’ll embrace the values of openness and learning.

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