You’re not lazy. You’re overwhelmed.


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Show Summary: “Saying no to good things allows you to say yes to greater things.”

“I’m so disorganized. I don’t even know where to start.”

“I feel so lazy. I can’t finish anything.”

Are these lines familiar? At one point, have these thoughts crossed your mind? Or perhaps, you know someone who has this mindset? In today’s episode, we’ll deep-dive into the meaning behind these statements.

There are many emotions and underlying reasons for feeling lazy. One of the most common is mental exhaustion. You’re not lazy. You’re overwhelmed. Having too many items on your plate eats up your “pizza” of attention until there’s no more slice left for you. Your brain can no longer process new things.

Another emotion that you may have is fear. You’re not lazy. You’re afraid. Maybe it’s the fear of rejection, failure, or judgment that’s causing you to feel immobile. In reality, procrastination has become your defense mechanism. It’s the only thing that keeps you away from all the pressure surrounding you.

The third common feeling is fatigue. You’re not lazy. You’re just really exhausted. Putting the needs of others above yours has taken its toll on your body. You have lost the energy and focus to do more.

If any of these three scenarios sounds like you, then that means you’re not the problem. There’s a solution that you can do to address the root cause of these sentiments. Listen to the full episode as we break down the fix for each scenario and how you can become purposefully productive and stay that way. Don’t forget to share this episode with your family and friends who can gain value from today’s reflections.

Show Highlights:

How do I deal with my mental exhaustion?


  • Even a simple 5-minute break helps clear your mind. Take a step back from what you’re working on. Go for a walk. Watch nature. Meditate. Have a quick snack. Spend time with your pet. Message a loved one. And when you’re more relaxed, go back to your to-do list and reassess. Do you have to do everything now? Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to complete everything? Can you delegate some of the tasks?

  • It may feel counterintuitive to take a rest when you know you have a lot of things on your plate. However, to become focused again, you need time to slow down and breathe.

How do I say no when I know my plate is already full?


  • Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person. You don’t owe everyone your yes. If you already have a lot on your to-do list, it’s okay to say no. As long as you say it nicely, it should be fine. Your sanity and growth should be your priority.

“My fear of being judged by other people hinders me from doing what I intend to do.”


  • There will always be people who will not like you. They will judge you no matter what you do, whether you succeed or fail. There’s no point in worrying and wasting your energy in explaining yourself to them. Your self-worth is not tied to other people’s opinion of you.


  • Instead of focusing on negative people, find the ones who will resonate with you. These people will wholeheartedly listen to you and hear your thoughts.

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