79. Urgency VS Scarcity


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Thanksgiving is over. The turkey has been put away, the stockings are hung, and the holidays are officially in full swing. In this mad dash to finish the year strong, many of you would have relied on hustle to meet your end-of-year goals. But now that you know there’s a better way you might be afraid to show up out of fear of falling back on old habits.

If you’re needing clarity about the difference between hustle and hard work, this episode is for you.

In this episode, Kristen is talking about the difference between selling from a place of scarcity and acting with urgency in your business. Spoiler alert: both may get results but only one is sustainable for long-term success.

Join us this week as Kristen talks about:

  • Signs you’re selling from a place of scarcity
  • Why creating buy-in is essential to sustainable results
  • What happens when negative emotions drive your decisions
  • How a misunderstanding of what it looks like to have healthy urgency in your business can lead to inaction
  • Goals vs. Tasks
  • Why balance is the true key to sustainable success

Hustling in your past life is nothing to be ashamed about. But the fear you can harbor because you don’t want to feel the exhaustion that comes from hustle is real and should be acknowledged. Knowing the difference in how it feels to be stuck in hustle and creating healthy urgency in your business allows you to grow in an intentional and sustainable way. Let go of the desperation and believe in the process.

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