Setting Up a Business as a Student with Katy Zanville


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I’ve really been wanting to focus more on interviewing brand new dietitians, and it was so great to get Katy’s perspective! She is currently in her dietetic internship and is in the beginning stages of starting her own business.

Katy’s dietetic internship has been very unique given the healthcare situation in the midst of the COVID pandemic. At one point she was not even allowed to enter the hospital where she is completing her internship! We talk about what she has learned from this and how she was able to still make her internship a positive experience.

We also discuss getting everything organized and setting up the foundation of starting a business. Katy is going places! I’m so excited to see what she does when she becomes an RD.

I know that many of you are in a similar place to Katy in your business journey, and I think you will really enjoy and learn a lot from this episode!

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The difference between education and experience
  • How to prepare for starting your own private practice while you are still in school
  • Giving yourself permission to transition and pivot
  • Katy’s experience with bringing awareness to Intuitive Eating and HAES in school and in her internship

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