#250 skorch your scikit-learn together with PyTorch


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Special guest: Prayson Daniel

Brian #1: Exciting New Ways To Be Told That Your Python Code is Bad

  • Two new pylint errors
    • consider-ternary-expression
 if condition(): x = 4 else: x = 5 
 x = 4 if condition() else 5 
  • while-used
    • it unconditionally flags every use of while expressions.
    • generally, while should be avoided.

Michael #2: GitHub Readme Stats

Prayson #3: Nox

  • Nox appeared as “footnotes” in Episodes 182 and 248 (Hypermodern Python …)
  • It does tox what invoke did (substituting GNU Make)

Brian #4: Two tools for dealing with text

  • python-easyfrontmatter - a small package to load and parse files (or just text) with YAML (or JSON, TOML or other) front matter.
 >>> post = frontmatter.load('tests/yaml/hello-world.txt') >>> print(post['title']) Hello, world! 
  • Tried it with a helper script I’m using with Hugo, and it parses Hugo metadata in blog posts like a dream.
  • ftfy - fixes text for you
  • “Take in bad Unicode and output good Unicode”
 >>> import ftfy >>> ftfy.fix_text('✔ No problems') '✔ No problems' 

Michael #5: MPIRE (MultiProcessing Is Really Easy)

  • A Python package for easy multiprocessing, but faster than multiprocessing
  • It combines the
  • convenience of map like functions of multiprocessing.Pool
  • with the benefits of using copy-on-write shared objects of multiprocessing.Process,
  • together with easy-to-use worker state, worker insights, and progress bar functionality.
  • Many features
  • Requisite shoutout to unsync too.

Prayson #6: skorch




Joke: Adoption

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