Episode 22: Wocka Wocka Flocka Flame; or, Sports


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Episode 22 - Erin, Jeff, and Jason talk about mustaches, stylish apparel, and writing sports trivia, something Erin seems to have some experience with. Matt, from the Triviality podcast, knocks a three pointer out of the rink with his knowledge of Serbian NBA players. Katie, YAY!, in Illinois, tosses the hosts into a labyrinth, and Jeff does Jeff stuff. Digressions include appropriate levels of nudity at sea, a wild claim that not all athletes are male, and Jason’s inability to tell anyone apart.

Your hosts:

Erin Barclay - Orange Cat Trivia, Richmond

Jeff Bimm - RMT Trivia, Chicago

Jason Borsom - Liquid Kourage Entertainment, Chicago

Our guests:

Matt - Triviality

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