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Disney is one of the top five largest media companies on earth. From billion dollar blockbuster movies, to beloved media franchises, to toys and games, to virtually inventing the modern theme park, it's hard to remember a time when Disney didn’t dominate the entertainment industry.

That degree of success however is a lot more recent than you might realize, and you’re likely unaware of just how much the House of Mouse owes to its current CEO Robert Iger. Becoming CEO in 2005 Iger came to power at a perilous time, the company had floundered in the late 1990’s after a string of high budget animated flops, coupled with an internal power struggle and worsening relations with Pixar, the studio that had been responsible for many of its biggest successes, Iger managed to hold the company together and help guide it into its current era of unprecedented prosperity. In this summary we’ll explore his path to that position and the reasons for his success.

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