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Have you ever spent hours writing an email invite or sign up page and then released your baby into the world… and gotten crickets?

It can feel so FRUSTRATING and discouraging.

This year, in addition to my beloved Messenger Masterminds, I’ve taken on copywriting projects for women whose missions I really believe in.

I’ve noticed there are certain intentions I set to move people to action.

It’s about:

  • Them feeling seen.
  • What I’m saying feeling relevant to them.
  • Them resonating with what I’m saying.
  • Them feeling like what I’m talking about is important and urgent.

...And so they sign up or click to the next step.

In episode 146 of Unforgettable, I break down:

  • The top reasons your copy may not be landing for your people
  • The vital difference between copy and messaging (this will change your whole perspective on marketing)
  • What you can do to write copy that moves your people to sign up for your thing
Deeper support from me:
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