EP #144 | Covid19: What is Plan B?


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Plan A for the pandemic was to put all hopes in the vaccines. The vaccines are not the cure all that was hoped for, and not it is clear that we need a Plan B that includes treatment, prevention and a cost/benefit analysis of the steps taken to day. The New Order of Fear https://www.amazon.ca/New-Order-Fear-Great-Trilogy/dp/B097SPK3Z4/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=tom+quiggin&qid=1632148219&sr=8-1 CleanMyMac: http://www.PossiblyCorrect.com/cleanmymacquiggin NordVPN: http://www.PossiblyCorrect.com/nordvpnquiggin Ledger Secure Crypto Hard Wallet: https://shop.ledger.com/pages/christmas-pack?r=90dc644f6eea Help Support The Quiggin Report Support via donation: [Patreon] https://patreon.com/quigginreport Support with Bitcoin or Crypto https://cointr.ee/quigginreport GoFundMe: http://www.OperationKillSwith.com Website: https://QuigginReport.com

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