Ep. #123: Post-Partum Gentle Nutrition with Jaren Soloff


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Today, I’m sharing an interview with lactation consultant, registered dietician, and author Jaren Soloff. Her book, The Postnatal Cookbook, offers simple and nutritious recipes that really encompass a post-partum, gentle nutrition approach. This interview has so much valuable information for expecting moms, new moms, and honestly….pretty much any mom or caretaker out there!

Listen in to hear about:

  • Eating Disorders & Women’s Health
  • Vulnerable Times
  • Post-Partum Gentle Nutrition
  • How to Take Dieting Off the Table
  • Post-Partum Cravings
  • The Postnatal Cookbook
  • Children as a Mirror
  • And more!

Full show notes: https://caitlinball.com/2021/03/post-partum-gentle-nutrition/

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