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The movement for Black lives and liberation is more than just a Chauvin verdict. Throughout the summer, calls for justice extended far beyond police convictions, this week on Race Capitol we revisit archived audio from the streets of Richmond in the summer of 2020 and ground ourselves in the fight for Justice for Black Lives. At a time where the Richmond City Council is considering giving the racist police almost $10 million more dollars in funding on top of salary raises when the community is demanding that the police be defunded and abolished….what does justice look like? Tune in as we explore this and speak to community activist Allan-Charles Chipman about the Richmond Budget and hear his thoughts on the implications of the George Floyd verdict for Richmond. As always, we kick off the episode with the latest local, national, and international headlines in our Race capitol reframe. Please like, share, subscribe to our Black feminist media platform #DefundThePolice #AbolishThePolice #RVA #Radio #VA #AbolitionNow #GeorgeFloyd Resources: The Black Joy Experience prod. by OnRae LaTeal Police and Thieves by Junior Murvin

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