City of Minneapolis Closes Tent Encampment


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Nearly three dozen tents were thrown away this week during the city-led closure of the Cedar-Franklin encampment in Minneapolis.

Georgia Fort reports:

Nearly three dozen tents were thrown away this past week during the city-led closure of the Cedar/Franklin encampment in Minneapolis. Approximately 20 staff from the city’s Public Works department arrived on scene just before 7am. Bulldozers and rakes were used to clear the area.

Staff from the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin county set up a tent at the encampment the afternoon before the closure in order to screen people for welfare and housing assistance eligibility.

According to a staff member with the city of Minneapolis, 30 openings were identified at a nearby women’s shelter. Some people were being placed in hotels for up to 90 days or until they could find housing.

The city of Minneapolis declined a request for an interview. A city representative did state that limited storage was offered to residents to store belongings for up to 14 days. On Tuesday, government employees either bulldozed or threw away the majority of what remained.

Most residents of the encampment said they wanted to find more permanent housing, but others expressed concerns. Some feared their addiction would prevent them from being accepted, while some couples didn’t want to be separated into men and women only shelters.

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