RAK 10/17/20 - It's new, y'all!


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This week on the Radio Active Kids show, we've got so much rocking newness, from the likes of Laurie Berkner Band, Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips, Tu Rockcito, Pointed Man Band, Steven Courtney & the Suitcase Musicians, artichoke, Kahuna Kidsongs, #StuartStotts ft. Alina Celeste, Tom Pease & Susan Salidor, Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck, the Pop Ups, Los Botes Cantan, Kristle Skennar - Kids songs and Nursery Rhymes, & drsbopnpop, plus a request for some Parental Petulance & 5 songs from Grace Kendall's #WizardRockSampler ft. Ludo Bagman and the Trash, Muggle Snuggle, Avery Marshall Music, The Swedish Shortsnouts, #Aguamenti, & Mulciber Zerstorer!!! Playlist: https://spinitron.com/WSFM/pl/11834615/Radio-Active-Kids

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