RAK 11/16/19 - Last chance for new music!!!


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Y'all, next week on Radio Active Kids we're starting the #YearRoundBreakdown, so this week we'll play a huge pile of new music before we start the retrospective series! New and new-to-the-show tunes from Laurie Berkner Band, Levity Beet, 123 Andrés, Singing with Sylvia, Henri Godon, Thank You, Mister Rogers, Mike Phirman, Bee True To You, #SalvaTrasto, Ryan SanAngelo, The Gum Drops, Flitwick and the Charmers, The Relative Minors, #TheTallestKidintheRoom and more!!! Also, we have a new #ComixTalk from Pack Memorial Library's Raj! Playlist: https://spinitron.com/wsfm/pl/9803170/Radio-Active-Kids

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