RAK 11/30/19 - 2019 #YearRoundBreakdown Part 2!!!!


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It's the SECOND part of the Radio Active Kids #YearRoundBreakdown this week, featuring (in alphabetical order): Banana Slug String Band, Bingly and The Rogues, #Boogles, catswithnicefaces, Flohzirkus Orquestra, Ginalina Music, Greg the Egg, Hvaffornoget.dk, Ici Baba, Intonation Music, Angela James, Beth Jean, Kathryn the Grape, #KookyNutsPop from Istota Ssąca & Istotne Nagr., Little Bandits, Little Folk Songs, Little Magic, Little Ripples, Miss Lynn's Rainbow Machine, Zak Morgan, @MisterChrisAndFriends & Kat Wright, Narwhals and Waterfalls, #PterodactylVomit, Ratboy Jr., #RhinoHands, Lissa Schneckenburger, Tom Smith Music, Sonshine and Broccoli, Story Pirates, @thestrawberryjamuk, Susie Tallman & Friends, Trout Fishing in America - ofFISHal page, & Will's Jams! Playlist: https://spinitron.com/wsfm/pl/9885892/Radio-Active-Kids

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