RAK 6/27/20 - Sewer Buddies interview!


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Y'all! Thanx to everyone who donated to the Asheville FM #SpringFundDrive! You can still do so at ashevillefm.org/donate! This week, on Radio Active Kids we'll interview The Sewer Buddies, whose new EP #ButtBrains ROCKS! Plus, a metric ton of new music from Tim Kubart & Drue Davis, The Boo Hoo Crew, Claudia Robin Gunn/Little Wild Music, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Mariano Pose Pez al revés, FIRE DOG, The Corner Us, Tiptoe Giants, Elena Moon Park & Friends, Totally Knuts, Mister B's Buzz, Ryan SanAngelo, #TheHolyheadHarpies ft. Oliver Boyd & The Remembralls, Suzanne Jamieson Music, and The Cool Chips! Playlist: https://spinitron.com/WSFM/pl/11145020/Radio-Active-Kids

Here's the livestream: https://www.facebook.com/radioactivekidsavlfm/videos/274696657295517

Be sure to listen to the show again on Radio Pirinola in Chile, on Radio Küken in Germany, and on Radio Küken Schweiz in Switzerland!

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