RAK 8/1/20 - Bash the Trash interview!


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We've got another amazing show for you this week on Radio Active Kids, featuring an interview with the amazing Bash the Trash who have a new EP entitled #RubbishRhythms! Also, new tunes from Music with Michal (as usual), Silly Bus, Lali BeGood, The Moblees, Alex & the Kaleidoscope (ft. Lucy Kalantari!), DJ Willy Wow, Tiptoe Giants, All Day Fritz, Muggle Snuggle, #TheGreatandPowerfulGizmo, Pretty Sweet, Dillon M. & #NearlyHeadlessNick! Playlist: https://spinitron.com/WSFM/pl/11359684/Radio-Active-Kids

Be sure to listen to the show again on Radio Pirinola in Chile, on Radio Küken in Germany, and on Radio Küken Schweiz in Switzerland!

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