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This week we meet Alistair Turnbull from Lobethal Bierhaus.

This is a fun conversation. As you’ll hear, Alistair gave up a banking career to open a brewery in 2007 - and worried he had already missed the boat when it came to craft beer. Fourteen years later, he says he is working 100 hours a week, humping kegs to local venues around Lobethal and making less money than he did in banking with no plans for a cashed up exit… But as you’ll hear - Alistair couldn’t be happier doing what he’s doing and has a viable and sustainable business and late last year took home three of the top trophies in the Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards, including Champion Beer.

It’s a great chat about knowing what you want to do in your business and focussing on that, despite what else is going on around you.

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