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Welcome to the first episode of a new podcast, Brewers Perspective.

Brews News created the first Australian beer podcast way back in 2011. As Brews News has evolved we discuss the news of the week and also the backgrounds of industry people, probing their experiences in the industry. If you haven’t heard it, you may well be interested in the industry news and insights those shows contain.

Very regularly we get asked to tackle topics that are quite niche and quite technical. The topics are often ones that we would really like to explore, but may be a little off topic of Radio Brews News

That’s one of the reasons we created the BreweryPro channel as the home for content that has higher value but for a more limited audience for our general listener.

Next week the first episode is titled, There’s No Five Second Rule In Brewing, and looks at brewing cleanliness and sanitation. It features Aron McGarrity from Ecolab, but as you’ll hear when it drops, it not looking specifically at chemicals but how brewery design and planning, and systems can make sure your beer is the best it can be.

But before we do that, we wanted to introduce our hosts to give you a little background on the people who will be anchoring the discussions, Anthony Clem and Marcus Cox.

Anthony Clem has been a guest on Beer is a Conversation more than once. During his time with Lion discussing XXXX Pale Ale and also during his time as Head Brewer at Hemingways in Cairns. More recently he worked was a Member of the Quality Committee for the IBA and the judging panel of the RNA, recently started a business as a Brewing Consultant with the intent to give brewery owners the capability and insight to live their dreams of building a craft brewery creating consistently great quality craft beer.

Marcus Cox Hired by Newstead Brewing Co in January 2021 to add some fundamental quality structures, quickly becoming Head Brewer in March. He was the first Australian to judge at European Beer Star awards in Munich, 14 year IBD member and MBAA District Pittsburgh re-founder, former VP and current Past President.

You can follow this new podcast on our RBN Brewery Pro stream and join the new Facebook group.

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