Radioactive Lounge Episode 177 : Smooth Dick Operators


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This episode Mitch and Lucas discuss the all new series from streaming service Netflix, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION, while Larry listens in intently as he is yet to have seen it. Has Kevin Smith added to the rich legacy of this 80s icon? We’ll see. Plus! All the usual news and reviews, top tips for collecting ZZ Top cassette tapes, dirty looks from 90s celebrity Sofie Formica, vague memories of Short Circuit 2, Lucas ponders about beard related deaths, Mitchell offers extraordinary dating advice, and Larry briefly obsesses about the Australian Women’s Olympic Beach Volleyball team. Also! The return of a much loved segment, the debut of an all-new, soon-to-be much loved segment, a frank discussion about tax, and finally, after many years of toiling away at the mixing desk, recording thousands of hours’ worth of top quality entertainment, The Radioactive Lounge finally makes it. We did it! We really did it! Edited by Melissa Davies Show Notes: 00:00 Intro & News 56:09 Reviews - The Sheild #1

-Snake-Eyes : Deadgame #1

-Flash Annual 2021 #1

-Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 80th Page Special

-Echolands #1

-Amazing Fantasy #1

-Moonknight #1

1:34:08 Feature : Masters Of The Universe Revelation

2:08:34 BA's PA

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