Alex Newman, Public School Exit


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Alex Newman is an award-winning journalist, educator, author, and speaker whose goal is to glorify God in everything he does. He is the CEO of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc., a contributor to The Epoch Times, and a foreign correspondent for The New American Magazine. Alex is also the co-author of Crimes of the Educators and is the executive director of Public School Exit.

Alex discusses what many of us have already been finding out, that our school systems are nothing but glorified propaganda centers. Education standards and expectations continue to plummet, yet the government insist on keeping your child with them. However, there are options that parents should exercise now, before it is too late.

Philip Sharp further discusses our education system in the essay segment. There are two primary paradigms about how education should run in a nation. There is the idea that the government should tell you what you are to learn. Then there is the idea that free citizens decide for themselves what they will learn. Take a wild guess which one is more in line with the idea of a republic, and which one is highly favored by totalitarian regimes?

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