Lee Smith, The Elites' War on America


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Lee Smith is a veteran journalist for over 30 years who has written for Slate, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and a variety of Arab media outlets. He was also a Middle East correspondent for The Weekly Standard and a former visiting fellow of the Hudson Institute. Currently he is a columnist covering the Middle East for online magazine Tablet. Lee is also the author of the books The Plot Against the President and The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President.

Lee primarily discusses his article for the Epoch Times called, “The World Watches While the US Elite Wages War on America.” Almost unknown and absolutely uncovered, the article talks about the violation of Taiwanese airspace on a hitherto unprecedented scale. China always tests the seriousness or our leaders, but this move was a major play. Other nations are sure to follow in the wake to see what they can get over on Biden. Then there is the ugly war being wages against Americans by the elite class. The events of January 6th and the lockdown of the capital is also discussed.

Philip Sharp discusses the political mindset of the leaders driving the current Left in his essay segment. You thought they were crazy or out of their minds, but in reality, they know what they are doing. He discusses three basic points about their paradigms and the reason behind their madness.

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