Thomas Hill, The Republican Party


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Thomas Hill was a former liaison for Pro-Family during the Bush Administration. He was an electorate of the electoral college for North Carolina during the 2020 election. Thomas is also the Republican chair of Gates County, NC and a liaison for the Chuck Smith campaign for Attorney General of Virginia.

Thomas discusses the current victories of that the Republicans have consolidated in blue areas. This was accomplished by aggressive strategies and a constant changing of tactics to throw off the Democrats. Thomas also interacts regarding the Republican party overall and the future concerns that should be considered by the party.

Philip Sharp talks further about the Republican party in the essay segment. Many feel we are not as unified as we should be. There is also the sense that many of its leaders are not stepping up to the plate as they should. There needs to be objectives that unify us as a whole that are wholeheartedly pursued or there is going to be a loss of impact for the party.

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