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This week a classic, a brutal experiment, and a beloved by some art film.

A bureaucrat ground down by three decades in the same monotonous position with a son who only appears to care about his pension and inheritance learns that his days are drawing to a close sooner than he expects. Setting out to find how to love life and find meaning in his own, he stumbles through the city. A master's achingly humanist meditation on what one can do when they find their passion and leave their mark, no matter how small or large, is the real way to live- Ikiru.
Waking up in a claustrophobic nightmare, a man must find his way out before he bleeds to death. Can he make it out of his Haze?
Tom Green- Canadian, comedian, TV host, film star, former lover of Gertie, Disney Princess. What happens when Fox gives him several million and lets him run wild? There was only one possible outcome... Freddy Got Fingered.
All that and we try very hard to no get political. Join us, won't you?

Episode 187- Playground of Tortuous Cartoon Sausage

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