720 - The Big Chill (1983)


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On this week's episode, [needle drop: classic Motown song about hanging out with friends] your hosts settle in with couple of old college friends (Shelley and Max of The Spirit Guides Podcast) in a big house for a couple of days to [needle drop: classic light acid rock song about recording a podcast] watch Lawrence Kasdan's star-studded film and [needle drop: classic pop song about times going by] ruminate about times gone by . Is this movie about cool adults...or insufferable sell-outs? And if its about both: is that cool or insufferable? [needle drop: classic punk song about kids tearing down the icons of their parents.]

If you'd like to watch ahead for next week's film, we will be discussing and reviewing Dudley Murphy's The Emperor Jones (1933) and the supplementary Tribute to an Artist (1979).

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