Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 10


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It was a week full of huge reveals and even huger (is that a word?) reactions with your favorite Random Nintendo crew. OK, so we’re the only “crew” favorite or not, but that’s because RNHQ won’t give us the budget to hire some interns to do some of these shows for us. So let’s just move on, shall we?

On today’s episode, we give our thoughts on the latest PlayStation 5 showcase and Sony’s impending battle with Microsoft, Angel sets fire to the rain with Weathering With You, and Jason has a bone to pick with iOS 14.

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Per the usual, down below are the timestamps to the different segments.


  • [0:01] Grab Bag: Age Gaps and Nintendo Philosophies
  • [0:10] The next-gen war is officially on
  • [0:58] Impressions: Weathering With You
  • [1:06] The Pros and Cons of iOS 14

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