Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 4


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RNHQ has given us the privilege of recording another two hours of content coming to you in the form of Quarantine Chronicles Episode 4! I seriously don’t understand why they keep giving us chances, but we’ll keep taking them.

Today, we’re giving some brief impressions of The Last Of Us Part II, delve into our gaming psyches, force ourselves to talk about Space Force, and… I have something written down here that says “donuts” and “airplane porn.” Trust us, once you hear the episode, it’ll all make slightly more sense.

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Per the usual, down below are the timestamps to the different segments.


  • [0:07] A Deep Donut Discussion
  • [0:20] The Last of Us II Brief Impressions
  • [0:38] Why We Game How We Game
  • [1:03] The Problem with Space Force
  • [1:23] The Wind Rises is Airplane Porn
  • [1:32] The Plight of Collecting
  • [1:50] World Record Progression is Fascinating

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