Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 5


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WE’RE BACK! Okay, well we technically never left and RNHQ won’t let us out of our contract, so we’re here to stay… against our will. But you know what, listener? It benefits you because now you get episode five of Quarantine Chronicles. That’s the sacrifice we’re making for you!

On today’s episode, we have a miserable time with our tech, spend some time with the vampires from What We Do In The Shadows, get Close Enough with the new tv show from Regular Show’s creator, roll up to a drive in theater to get to Palm Springs, try to give Hamilton its due, and finally get down to the bottom of The Last of Us Part II. Whew. This one’s a doozy, ladies and germs.

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Per the usual, down below are the timestamps to the different segments.


  • [0:01] Talking Tech with the Trio
  • [0:23] What We Do In The Shadows? Laugh, that’s what.
  • [0:40] It’s no Regular Show, but it’s Close Enough
  • [0:56] Drive Ins, Palm Springs, and The Lonely Island
  • [1:23] Giving Hamilton Its Shot
  • [1:46] The Last of Us Part II is great. Whoddathunk?
  • [2:05 – 2:41] Spoiler Alert: The Last of Us Part II

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