Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 7


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Welcome to the spin-off podcast of a spin-off podcast, Quarantine Chronicles AFTER DARK… for like the first three minutes. Then it’s business as usual as we talk about all the content we’ve devoured these last couple of weeks, along with the requisite banter you all know and love. You do love it, right?

On today’s episode, Kevin discovers the wonder of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and TV intros, Jason ponders the future of subscription services, and Angel wants to love Teppen and tries to explain The Patriot to us (with an emphasis on tries).

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Per the usual, down below are the timestamps to the different segments.


  • [0:08] Nidhogg 2 is fast-paced fun
  • [0:13] Xbox Game Pass is the best deal for gamers
  • [0:28] Disney+ goes pay-per-view
  • [0:36] Teppen should have been Angel’s favorite game ever
  • [0:56] The state of trading card games
  • [1:03] What’s your favorite TV/Anime Show Intros?
  • [1:29] The Patriot: Joker vs Hook

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