Quarantine Chronicles: Episode 8


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Honestly, after today’s first topic, we’re not sure if RNHQ will let us do another one of these, but we’re gonna keep on trucking and we’re gonna keep fighting for your right to listen to what is Quarantine Chronicles.

On today’s (rather degenerate) episode, Angel brings up the most degenerate anime we’ve heard of, plus a cool one as a palate cleanser, and laments the death of Kissanime. Jason talks about Mike Shinoda’s venture into Twitch Land, while Kevin muses on about Polygon’s Unraveled series and discusses with Jason about what is most likely going to be a very divisive Killers album.

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Per the usual, down below are the timestamps to the different segments.


  • [0:00] Quarantine life updates
  • [0:13] Protect your anus from Sarazanmai
  • [00:29] The Killers’ Imploding the Mirage is sure to be divisive
  • [0:51] Deca-Dence? More like dense plot
  • [1:08] Mike Shinoda’s Dropped Frames takes fan interaction to a new level
  • [1:21] Polygon’s Unraveled is anything but generic
  • [1:37] Ani-mayday for Kissanime

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